This whisper may be all you need.

1kings 19:12: and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a STILL SMALL VOICE.

CEV-      ‘hardly a sound’
MSG-     ‘a gentle and quiet whisper’
HCSB-   ‘a soft whisper’
CEB-       ‘a sound. Thin. Quiet’

Question is why would God choose to NOT SPEAK in the rock shattering wind(hurricane), trembling earthquake, or the fire?

These 3 elements are quite easy not to miss, isn’t it? And on Horeb too. Remember Horeb the mount of God?

The 3 elements got Elijah’s attention and each time, he must have tried seeing God in it. But the bible says, God was not there!

So, where is God?

God does like to make some appearance though. He did a whole lot of that at Sinai. The trumpets, earthquake, fire etc. But here, He was Present in a quiet whisper and the irony is this, His presence was easy to miss because it was conveyed in (a still small voice).

Now that quiet whisper changed the spiritual history of a nation, set kings into power and set in motion Elijah’s transition into glory.

I recall Bro Hagin admonishing us to not miss the SUPERNATURAL voice of God for the SPECTACULAR. The gentle voice of the spirit or conscience on our inside is  supernatural enough! Its God in us.

Now, let me conclude this morning friends that the conception of this appearance and instruction was a journey to Horeb. I would highlight on that in subsequent editions.

I ask God today for you and for me, that we would not miss the destiny intentions He has had for us enveloped in that quiet whisper. I pray that God in His mercy would speak to us yet again.

Feel free to share and also give me your feedback on this Whisper.

May you not miss your own specific whisper!

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Messy Situations

John 11.(Pls read)

Lazarus Died
Lazarus is Dead!
Lazarus was Dead!

Let’s face the simple truth. Lazarus was deadly dead. Dead as Dead! And Decaying too!

So the situation could be said to be rotten, decaying, putrefying and out of repair or actually unrestorable. Its just impossible.

Well I began to meditate on this matter of scripture this morning and I realized that there is hope for us in Christ Jesus

But what was more striking was the fact that a Word from the Word is enough to change our story.

Vs 43..”Lazarus come forth!

I am assured this morning that situations that have overwhelmed you, infact situations that are out of control or seemingly impossible or reversible can be CHANGED.

All we need is His presence @ the tomb and His instructions. Take away the stone, open up the stench to Jesus, let the rot come out to Him. Shhhh, don’t be logical, its only brought you death. Be obedient to Him.

And of course, what was Dead shall now be made Alive, walk out, loosed and set free!

If you believe this word, take out time today to open up the stench to Him. Take him to the tomb.

So this morning I say to you;
your story will change.

What has been termed impossible will become possible.

Those who pity and sympathise for you will have cause to dance and rejoice with you.

Because of what God will do in your life, many will believe in God
in Jesus name!

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